Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Metamorphosis Questions

Here are my questions for the first part of Metamorphosis:
1. What is the significance of the picture in the frame?
2. What is the significance of Gregor's immediate thoughts on work?
3. Why does Gregor's family allow their disgust regarding his appearance to overshadow their care and love for him?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Personal Response to Oedipus Rex Group Discussion

Oedipus is an "everyman" primarily because of his selflessness. At the end of the play, he volunteers to leave because of his uncovered murder of Laios, and because he had originally proposed to exile Laio's killer. At the beginning of the play, he solemnly promises to discover the truth about the murderer of Iokaste's (his wife) ex-husband. It is apparent that he will not be easily deterred in this quest. He is selfless to the point of gouging his eyes out as a method of atoning for his regrettable deeds. In addition, he could have easily abused his power as king but instead chooses not to, remaining loyal to his people.

My Heart Map

These are the sections my heart is composed of:
1) Beliefs. Beliefs define us; in order to know the path one is journeying down, it is crucial for one to know where they stand.
2) Friends and friendship. My close friends are like a second family. I believe that friendship enriches my life and gives me support.
3) Family. I have a small family (six people in my immediate family, to be exact) and care for them deeply.
4) Love. Love, in its many forms, is key for a satisfying life.

The Odyssey Is an Epic About...

...1) Exile
2) Pride
3) Humility
4) Family
5) Trials
6) Perseverance
7) Personal strength
8) Cunning
9) Ancient Greek culture

An Online Journal

This is my online journal in which I will collect and organize all of my freewrites for AP Lit this year. Enjoy!